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Scarborough and District Swimming Association (SaDSA) Team Competition Dates for your Diary 2020

 ( subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances)

Teams will be chosen and announced by Coaches a minimum of two weeks before each date.

Further SaDSA information and programs of events can be found on or by clicking the link.


Ridings Competitions. 

Clubs must chose a team from the fastest sprint swimmers available in the club, generally A grade swimmers , in four age groups who should be competing at regular open meets throughout the season:

9 & 10yrs

12yrs and under

14yrs & under

OPEN age

(Ages are taken as 31st December )

Swimmers will compete in a set program of relay events and a maximum of 2 individual events. Points from each event are added together for the final team score. the points from all four galas are added together for a final Division Team Score for 2020.

We have been promoted to the Premiership Division in 2020 competing with Thirsk, Pocklington and Beverly


Gala 1) ‪Saturday 25th January 2020‬, at Beverly. 530pm warm up for 6.00pm start 

Gala 2) ‪Saturday 6th June 2020‬, at Scarborough. Warm Up time TBC. - OUR HOME GALA, WE HOST*  CANCELLED


Gala 3) ‪Saturday 19th September 2020‬, at Pocklington. Venue CANCELLED.


Gala 4) ‪Saturday 3rd October 2020‬, at Thirsk. Warm up 5.30 for 6.00pm



Borders 'League' Competitions 2020.

(Note that this is still no longer a 'league', rather a gala that is swum and won/lost on the night with a trophy!)

Swimmers are chosen from those swimmers preferably not on the Ridings teams but more experienced than Friendly level swimmers, generally B grade swimmers, cut off times apply to encourage the right level of swimmers.

‪Saturday 4th April 2020 - POSTPONED!

at Beverly - 5.30 warm up for a 6.00 start.‬


Friendly Competitions - (see Sarah Harvey and Mike Draper )

Friendly Galas are often the first introduction to competitive galas and made up mainly of a team from our Development swimmers, generally C grade swimmers , cut off times apply to encourage the right level of swimmers.

Ages as on the Day.

(We are not hosting any due to the Scarborough Sport's Village pool calendar being too full.)


Gala 1 - ‪Saturday 29th February 2020‬, Driffield, ‪3pm‬ Warm up for 3.30 start

Gala 2 - ‪Saturday 25th April 2020‬, Thirsk, 5.30 warm up for 6.00 start -POSTPONED!

Gala 3 - ‪Saturday 7th November 2020‬, South Hunsley Hosting at Hymer's Pool, 5.30 Warm up for a 6.00 start.


Further SaDSA information and programs of events can be found on or by clicking the link.









Team Manager: Hamish Hobkinson

Coaches: Nathan Renshaw, Zoe Naylor

Timekeepers - TBC. Judge - Anna Greenwood. Splits - Lynda Calvert

Thank you so much to everyone who has volunteered to help at this gala.


The team is the fastest combination of available swimmers, per age group, chosen by the Ridings poolside team in consultation with the coaching team and final approval from the Head Coach. Teams will be confirmed at least 2 weeks prior to each event. Please confirm swimmers’ availability for the dates listed for all Ridings galas to help us choose teams for each individual gala efficiently this year.




Please complete and return the MEDICAL EMERGENCY & CONTACT DETAILS FORMS and a PERMISSION SLIP. These can be completed online , (press the button, preferred option) or the form below.

For away galas there will be a team bus taking swimmers to the event - parents and other family members are more than welcome to travel on the bus. Wherever possible we ask that swimmers travel on the team bus.

Suggested donation per person is £2.00 each.



Please Return this slip to a Team Manager/Team Coach


I give permission for (name):


to swim in the Ridings galas, if chosen, on (please delete as appropriate):


25/1/20 yes/no 6/6/20 yes/no 19/6/20 yes/no 3/10/20 yes/no


I will be coming to support/volunteer (let us know nearer the time if unsure):


25/1/20 yes/no 6/6/20 yes/no 19/6/20 yes/no 3/10/20 yes/no


(If no, and they are under 18, I will collect my child on return to Scarborough or I will inform the Team Manager in writing who will collect them with their contact details).


Name and phone number you (adult with parental responsibility where relevant) can be contacted on during the event:


Please note here any medical conditions & medications:










Do you consent to emergency medical treatment? YES/NO



Signed (adult with parental responsibility): Date:



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