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Scarborough Swimming Club swam their way to victory last Saturday night in a thrilling second Scarborough and District Swimming Association 1st Division Ridings gala of the year.

Competing against teams including Whitby Seals, South Hunsley Swimming Club and Ryedale Swimming Club, Scarborough hosted the event at its Sports Village and produced some exciting performances, personal best times and League records from their talented team of 32 swimmers.

The team comprised a mix of experienced swimmers including those competing nationally, along with Caitlin Dolby, Sami Baloch, Jack Chandler, Hannah Kinsella and Paolo Messenger who were competing for the first time, and performed in a range of girls and boys 50 metre individual and 25 metre relay events in age group categories 10 and under, 12 and under, 14 and under and open age group.

The team coaches, Zoe Naylor and Nathan Renshaw, and team manager, Hamish Hobkinson, were impressed with some explosive performances on the night, with several swimmers swimming up an age group with impressive pace.

Amy Corcoran, smashed her open 50 metres breaststroke race, spurred on by her recent National championship performance where she became the 14th fastest female in the UK in 200 metres butterfly.

Sam Race, won both his 10 and under 50 metre freestyle and butterfly races with strong leads and has impressively already achieved all of his Yorkshire qualifying times for 50 metres in all strokes, as well as the 100 individual medley in the Yorkshire swimming championships in September.

Eric Hobkinson swam an impressive 50 metres butterfly individual race in the 12 and under category, knocking over 6 and a half seconds off his previous time in South Hunsley last month.

There were some exciting close finishes in the older age categories and the Club was commended by some of the other team’s officials for the quality of Scarborough’s starts and underwater work.

The relays produced a thrilling end to the night for the Scarborough with the 14 and under girls relay team and the open girls relay team smashing their races in both the medley and freestyle relays and achieving new League records.

Scarborough finished with an impressive 152 point victory on the night. All eyes will now be on Scarborough as they look towards the next Ridings meet in Whitby in June and Ryedale in September to decide whether Scarborough can climb to the Premier Division in 2020.

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