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SSC September Phased return to swim Update 24/8/2020

Hi All, The SSC September sessions are now booked with EA and invited swimmers will be emailed this week with their new allocated sessions , payment details, Health Survey and Health declaration. For track and trace purposes, registers are being kept and swimmers must only attend their allocated sessions. As you will all have seen on the front page of the Scarborough News this week, there has been an increase of new Covid 19 cases in Scarborough, taking the infection rate to its highest since June! SSC is keeping Covid safety forefront in all risk assessed decisions for our swimmers and Coaches , these decisions are regularly reviewed. There is a very real possibility if we get a confirmed Covid case from a swimmer , within our club , the whole group of swimmers and Coaches that the infected person has been in contact with may need to self isolate for 2 weeks! It is not a normal return to the pool after Summer, the September intake will continue to build on all the safety precautions currently in place and sessions will continue to be strictly limited in numbers. The Phase 2 swimmers are being steadily added to the Phase 1 swimmers, as and when the Covid Leads and Coaches feel it is appropriate and safe to do so. The Spectator gallery will continue to be closed for now, during SSC sessions to minimise the Covid transmission risks to all. Sarah Harvey and her team are also working hard to implement Swim England and Government guidance, in preparation for our teaching and development sections returning during the coming months. Further information on these sessions will be sent out nearer the time. As a club we are committed to returning all of our swimmers to the pool , but it will be a slow, phased and safe return , which in these unpredictable times could take many months to complete. All the return to swim invites will only be sent via email during the coming months and any enquires regarding your swimmers sessions, must also only be sent via email , to the membership team on : members.scarboroughswimmingclub@gmail.com and not posted on social media in line with GDPR and Child Protection guidance. As a club we have been working very closely with our pool operators Everyone Active, at the Scarborough Sports Village to implement our safe return. From 22nd August they are open everyday for bookable 50min lane swimming sessions, for both adults and juniors , who can swim continuously in a minimum of 45 seconds per 25m , using double width lanes , with restricted numbers per lane and following the Swim England guidance. You can use the EA app or contact the SSV direct to book a session. With many swimming clubs around the country still not back in their pools and even large centres like Ponds Forge closed for the foreseeable future, we are fortunate in Scarborough to be able to make a start on a safe path back to swimming and appreciate your patience and support

If any swimmer is not intending to return to the club, during September please also email ASAP , so that those sessions can be quickly offered to another swimmer. In line with Swim England Covid 19 guidance, session numbers are still restricted. It is mandatory that swimmers only attend their allocated sessions. Be aware that due to the strict Covid guidelines , the groups of swimmers per session, will be allocated by the Coaches according to speed and ability , while also attempting to minimise mixing groups of swimmers excessively. September will be run according to Swim England and Government Covid 19 guidelines which have been implemented and refined during the August sessions and are subject to a regular review, these include :

1.The Health screening checklist must be completed by all swimmers prior to resuming training / swimming lessons.

2. Swimmers must not attend for sessions if they, or anyone in their household, has Covid symptoms or get a positive Covid screen. 3. For the purposes of Track and Trace, swimmers must provide a phone number before they swim. 4.Swimmers should aim to arrive in plenty of time prior to each session and wait 2m apart in the allocated area outside the building. 5. Arriving: Ensure social distancing outside pool area (to enter through the main door) and on arrival to poolside. Social distancing must be maintained outside the building at all times. 6. Hand sanitiser should be used please ensure you have your own to minimise contact points. 7. Swimmers to maintain social distancing as ascend and descend stairs and exit building. Swimmers to ascend / descend stairs walking on the LHS. 8. Swimmers are to arrive dressed in their swimming attire with a onesie or the equivalent on top. 9. Coaches to tell swimmers which kit to bring to each session at prior session. Minimum kit to be bought in named plastic bag or washable bag with CLEAN towel and water bottle 10. Personal equipment to be wiped down by swimmers with anti-viral wipes before and after sessions 11. One clearly labelled and distinctive drinks bottle per swimmer to be left by end of pool. Maintain Social distances when getting a drink. 12. Commercial or club equipment is not to be used by swimmers 13. There is to be no sharing of swimming kit except for by members of the same family 14. Each swimmer to be let into the poolside one at a time. Covid leads / liaison team to show swimmer to own marked area on a chair / bench at least 2m apart where swimmers can remove outer clothes and put them into a clearly identifiable and named bag. Swimmers to maintain social distancing throughout session. 15 If the swimmer or family member develops Covid symptoms they must arrange for a test immediately (this can be done now very easily online) and inform the club. 16. Swimmers are not to shower in the building 17. After swimming, swimmers must dry themselves down on the poolside, and redress in their onesie / clothing before leaving the pool via the main exit. 18. Swimming kit left in the building to be destroyed / binned 19. No land training or pre / post swimming exercise on poolside 20. One swimmer at a time to be allowed to toilet area. Swimmers are encouraged to only use the toilet if necessary. 21. There will be no access to parents to the facility, and the spectator area will remain closed during the sessions. Parents should wait in the car for the session to end. 22. Swimmers who have had Covid should ideally not to rejoin training until they have discussed the same with GP due to potential for viral load and post Covid syndrome 23. If a swimmer does not swim for 7 days for whatever reason, they must do a new health survey and declaration form before return to swimming with the club.

Any updates to your membership including: the health survey, Updating personal details or Your individual allocated session enquires should be emailed to: members.scarboroughswimmingclub@gmail.com and not posted on social media ( Facebook) to comply with GDPR guidance.

Thankyou SSC

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