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Spring Yorkshire Swimming Championships Long Course 2019.

Well done to all our swimmers who qualified for and competed in the Spring Yorkshire Long Course Championships during February, earning themselves numerous personal best times, medals , top ten finishes and North East Regional Qualifying times! Congratulations to Amy Corcoran on earning her British National Qualifying time and Congratulations to Henry Cornforth, who is now the current triple 13yr old boys 100m Freestyle , 50m Freestyle and 50m Butterfly Yorkshire Champion!

The first two weekends of distance events were held at the John Charles Centre for sport in Leeds and the third weekend of 50m sprint events, was held at Ponds Forge International sports centre in Sheffield. The Senior Scarborough trained swimmers were on flying form, with strong performances across their events, in the heats , backed up with with stand out performances in their finals. The Junior swimmers pulling out some equally impressive personal best swims and earning themselves top ten finishes and Medals. Head Coach Sam Greetham said, “Scarborough have always been well represented at the Yorkshire Championships and it is pleasing to see the improvements in our swimmers, so early in the year.”

Full results below :

Henry Cornforth 13yrs 400m Free 5.05.60 6th 200m Free 2.17.98. 4th - NER QT 100m Free 1.03.22 2nd Heats 1.00.95 Finals GOLD & YORKSHIRE CHAMPION - NER QT 100m Butterfly 1.13.97 Heats 6th. 1.14.45 Finals 7th- NER QT 100m Backstroke 1.14.50 Heats 5th , 1.14.13 Finals 5th - NER QT 200m IM 2.39.74 4th - NER QT 50m Butterfly 30.89 Heats 1st 30.55 Finals GOLD & YORKSHIRE CHAMPION - NER TIME 50m Backstroke 34.17 - 4th Heats 33.47 Finals BRONZE - NER TIME 50m Freestyle 28.80 - 1st Heats .... 27.78 Finals GOLD & YORKSHIRE CHAMPION - NER TIME 50m Breaststroke 40.50 16th

Amy Corcoran 17yrs 400m Free 4.36.20 4th Heats 4.33.02 .... Finals - NER QT 200m IM 2.27.02 2nd Heats. 2.25.14 ..... Finals 4th - NER QT 100m Fly. 1.04.60 3rd Heats 1.04.83 ..... Finals BRONZE - NER QT 100m Breast 1.18.72 4th Heats 1.17.98 .....Finals 4th - NER QT 400m IM 5.03.03 2nd Heats 5.05.35 ......Finals SILVER - NER QT + Easter National QT 200m Free. 2.13.24 12th -NER QT 200m Breaststroke 2.48.92 3rd Heats - ....2.47.15 Finals Silver - NER QT 200m Butterfly 2.25.07 5th Heats .....2.24.02 Finals 4th - NER QT 100m Free 1.00.91 6th Heats , ....1.01.07 Finals 8th - NER QT

Isobel Vasey 12yr 100m Breaststroke 1.30.95 9th Heats ....1.30.77 Finals 9th 200m Breaststroke 3.12.10 7th 50m Breaststroke 39.60 Heats 3rd ....38.47 Finals SILVER - NER TIME 50m Backstroke 41.64 - 36th

Joseph Moment 13yrs 400m Free 4.57.67 5th - NER QT 200m Free 2.23.22 8th - NER QT 200m Back 2.36.55 5th - NER QT ‪100m Free. 1.07.10 12th NER QT‬ ‪100m Backstroke 1.14.29 Heats 4th ....1.14.04 Finals 4th- NER QT‬ ‪200m IM 2.47.06 12th‬ 50m Backstroke 35.09 - 9th Heats.... 34.46 Finals 7th NER TIME 50m Butterfly 37.86 40th 50m Freestyle 31.02 16th 50m Breaststroke 43.63 35th

‪Georgina Calvert 14yr ‬ ‪50m Backstroke 33.59 - 6th Heats .....33.45 Finals 4th ‬NER TIME

Finnian Hutchinson 17yrs 400m Free 4.44.45 6th Heats .... Finals DNS

Owen Hobkinson 16yr 100m Breaststroke 1.15.87 11th - NER QT ‪100m Free 1.00.29 16th‬ ‪200m Breaststroke 2.58.62 19th ‬ 50m Breaststroke 33.48 - 9th Heats 33.86 .....Finals 9th NER TIME 50m Freestyle 28.00 28th 50m Butterfly 30.49 28th

Ben Wilkinson 15yrs 400m Free 4.51.30 18th 200m Fly 2.35.61 Heats 9th 2.41.55 Finals 10th 200m Back.2.27.17 Heats 9th 2.29.82 .....Finals 9th - NER QT 200m Free 2.17.12 ... 21st 100m Butterfly 1.11.30 24th 400m IM 5.28.95 16th 100m Free 1.01.76 21st 100m Backstroke 1.08.70 9th Heats..... 1.08.61 Finals 9th 50m Breaststroke 40.49 43rd 50m Backstroke 32.27 13th ...NER TIME 50m Freestyle 28.93 38th 50m Butterfly 31.97. 33rd

‪Luke Kelly‬ ‪100m Backstroke 1.09.42 11th‬ ‪50m Backstroke 31.65 18th ...NER TIME ‬

Samuel Moment 16yr 100m Breaststroke 1.22.25 26th 200m Breaststroke 2.57.12 15th

‪Jack Naylor 14yr‬ ‪50m Breaststroke 39.94 20th‬

‪Atlanta Dowkes 17yr‬ ‪100m Free 1.06.12 22nd‬

‪Alex Beeson 14yr‬ ‪50m Backstroke 35.93 43rd ‬ ‪50m Butterfly 33.59 41st‬

‪Cameron Swiers 17yrs‬ ‪50m Breaststroke 42.83 - 41st‬


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