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Spring Yorkshire Championships 2020

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Spring Yorkshire Championships 2020 - 1st/2nd February & 8th/9th February at Leeds, 22nd/23rd February at Sheffield.

Scarborough Swimmers have made an impressive start to the Long Course season at the 2020 Spring Yorkshire Long Course County Championships.

13 qualified swimmers took part earning themselves:

29 NER Qualifying times

39 Top Ten finishes

6 Bronze Medals

2 Silver Medals

3 Gold Medals

Scarborough Senior Swimmers:

Joseph Moment started his Spring Yorkshires in style with a super 5 sec PB in his 200m IM , winning his heat and continued with a further 1 sec PB in the Finals, to claim his first Yorkshire Medal of the Championships. He followed this up with another exciting race, earning a PB in both the heats and finals of 400m Freestyle to claim his second Medal!  His second day followed with two powerful swims in his 200m Freestyle and 200m Backstroke events, earning impressive new personal best times and improving his time in the Finals of both events, showing his depth of fitness and his commitment to the early morning training under Head Coach, Sam Greetham. Joseph claimed his third medal of the weekend in the 200m Backstroke. Weekend two saw Joseph earn new PBs and Finals in his 100m Freestyle, 100m Backstroke and whopping 36 sec Pb on his 1500m Freestyle and two further Bronze Medals. Heading to Sheffield for the third weekend of sprints, Joseph continued his winning form with strong sprints in all four strokes , including a Bronze for 50m Backstroke and finishing with a comfortable win of over 20 secs in his final event of 800m Freestyle, being crowned the 14yr old Yorkshire Champion! With a Regional Qualifying time and PB in every event boosting his confidence he can now focus on a block of training for the North Easterns and on National Qualifiers.

Amy Corcoran, 18, swam through the Championships and competed in the Open age group. Currently in the middle an intense block of training in preparation for her Swim England training camp in Dubai with the English Junior Talent team and her British Nationals/ Olympic and Junior Trials Competition in London, during April, Amy competed in eight of the distances events. Her opening event of 200m IM rewarded her with a pleasing Bronze medal and she earned herself Finals with a top ten finish in all of her events, along with improving her eight North East Regional Qualifying times and her National time in 200m Butterfly.

Rising star 15yr Maisy Smith, was competing in her first Spring Yorkshires Championships, she pulled out a solid 100m Butterfly swim, earning a new long course personal best time. She followed this up with pleasing new personal best swims in her sprint events and a top twenty finish just shy of her first North East time. Maisy’s commitment to her training following struggles with illness and injury, is being rewarded with a new depth of fitness and improvement to all her events. Building on recent success she has an exciting year ahead.

Senior sprint swimmers Georgina Calvert, Alex Beeson, Jack Naylor and Owen Hobkinson further improved their long course experience and developing their techniques, holding their own against the best in a Yorkshire with up to 50 qualified swimmers in each age group. Owen, recently back training after a bout of illness, showing his talent in 50m Breaststroke with a strong swim and new personal best time of 33.29 finishing the 7th fastest 17yr old and claiming his place at the Senior Regional Championships in May.

Whitby Pathway swimmers 14yr Henry Cornforth and 16yr Ben Wilkinson had busy schedules over the three weekends with 12 events each. Both boys rising to the challenge with Ben showing his talent for Backstoke and earning finals and 3 regional times in 50m , 100m and 200m Backstroke. Henry showed his preference for the power and speed events, with strong wins and personal best times in both the 50m and 100m Freestyle. He also earned himself a pleasing eight Regional times from his nine finals!

Scarborough Junior Swimmers :

11yr old Sam Race and 12yr old Ryan Souter,  both competing for the first time in a Long Course 50m Pool, burst onto the Yorkshire Scene in impressive style. Storming out their first event of 100m Breaststroke by winning their heats and 3sec PB each, they immediately both earned places in their respective Finals. Sam going on to further improve his time in a very close finals where determination and good technique saw him claim his first Yorkshire Medal! Sam again impressing on day 2 with another good swim in the 200m Freestyle. The second weekend saw Sam earn finals in 100m Butterfly with a 7 sec PB, followed by a joint tenth finish in the heats of 100m Freestyle. A tense swim off for finals saw him further improving his time but just missing out finishing 11th overall. Not to be deterred, Sam bounced back the next day making Finals in his 100m Backstroke and a new PB in the 200m IM. Heading to Sheffield for weekend three, Sam added personal best times in all four of the 50m sprint events making two further finals. Team mate Ryan competing in the 50m Breaststroke at Sheffield, earned himself another solid personal best swim finishing 14th in Yorkshire.

Also competing in her first Spring Yorkshires, 11yr old Bess Naylor earned a pleasing new personal best for the 100m Breaststroke at Leeds, finishing just outside the the top 12, she followed this up at Sheffield with four solid 50m events , gaining long course experience and developing her skills and techniques under pressure.

Pathway swimmer 13 yr old Isobel Vasey showed her talent over breaststroke swimming a very strong heat swim in the 100m Breaststroke , earning herself a place in the finals, another competative swim saw her further improving her time , finishing with a 4th place overall and a Regional Qualification. She followed this with a solid swim in the 200m Breaststroke finishing just outside the top ten. Heading to Sheffield, Isobel rose to the challenge smashing out her 50m Breaststroke in a new PB to make finals, finishing in 6th place overall and earning another North East Qualifying time.

Thankyou goes to our Coaches Sam Greetham, Hywel Jones, Zoe Naylor , Nathan Renshaw, Dave Legge , Luke Kelly and all our Scarborough Coaches for the high standard of training and support with the swimmers. Thankyou goes to Matty Young for his support with Land training and a final thankyou goes to all the Parents, Guardians, Grandparents and volunteers who support the swimmers and make these opportunities possible.

Full results can be found on :


Full Results for the Scarborough swimmers

Junior Swimmers :

Sam Race 11

100m Breaststroke 1.39.98 PB 6th Heats , 1.38.16 PB Finals SILVER

200m Freestyle 2.48.17 PB 15th

100m Butterfly 1.26.52 PB Heats 7th, 1.27.67 Finals 10th

100m Freestyle 1.14.91 PB 11th

100m Backstroke 1.25.21 PB Heats 10th, 1.27.21 Finals 9th

200m IM 3.06.02 PB 13th

50m Freestyle 34.38 PB 14th

50m Backstroke  39.39 PB 14th

50m Butterfly 37.43 Heats 8th , 36.65 PB Finals 6th

50m Breaststroke 45.69 PB Heats 8th, 44.90 PB Finals 7th

Bess Naylor 11

100m Breaststroke 1.36.22 PB  13th

50m Freestyle  34.35 PB 26th

50m Backstroke 40.25 PB 23rd

50m Butterfly 41.06 40th

50m Breaststroke  46.23 31st

Ryan Souter 12

100m Breaststroke 1.33.57 PB 10th Heats , 1.34.09 Finals 10th

50m Breaststroke 42.96 PB 14th

Isobel Vasey 13

100m Breaststroke 1.25.32 Heats 7th 1.24.81 Finals 4th

( NER Qualifying time)

200m Breaststroke 3.05.59 11th

50m Breaststroke  38.17 PB Heats 4th , 38.60 Finals 6th

( NER Qualifying Time)

Senior Swimmers :

Joseph Moment 14

200m IM  2.31.19 PB 3rd Heats , 2.30.02 PB Finals - BRONZE

( NER Qualifying time)

400m Freestyle 4.30.01 PB 2nd Heats, 4.27.21 PB Finals - SILVER

( NER Qualifying time)

200m Freestyle 2.11.30 Heats 6th , 2.09.16 PB Finals  4th

( NER Qualifying time)

200m Backstroke 2.27.18 PB Heats 4th, 2.26.41 PB Finals BRONZE

( NER Qualifying time)

100m Freestyle 1.00.44 PB Heats 5th , 59.49 PB Finals 5th

( NER Qualifying time)

100m Backstroke 1.10.04 Heats 5th , 1.08.26 PB Finals BRONZE

( NER Qualifying time)

1500m Freestyle  17.35.54 PB - HDW - BRONZE

(NER Qualifying Time)

50m Freestyle 27.91 PB Heats 7th, 27.67 PB Finals 7th

( NER Qualifying Time)

50m Backstroke 32.20 PB Heats 3rd,  31.59 PB Finals BRONZE

( NER Qualifying Time)

50m Butterfly 32.03 PB  16th

50m Breaststroke 39.67 PB 25th

800m Freestyle 9.14.14 PB HDW GOLD

( NER Qualifying Time)

Henry Cornforth 14

200m IM  2.36.20  7th Heats 2.37.00 Finals 7th

100m Breaststroke 1.24.37 11th

400m Freestyle 4.51.54 8th Heats , 4.52.61 Finals 9th

( NER Qualifying time)

200m Freestyle 2.11.06 PB  Heats 5th , 2.10.93 PB Finals 6th

( NER Qualifying time)

100m Butterfly 1.09.49 Heats 7th, 1.07.25 PB Finals 5th

( NER Qualifying time)

100m Freestyle 58.24 Heats 1st, 57.42 PB Finals GOLD

( NER Qualifying time)

100m Backstroke 1.12.22 Heats 10th, 1.12.01 Finals 10th

( NER Qualifying time)

200m Breaststroke 3.06.55 14th

50m Freestyle  26.96 PB Heats 2nd, 26.39 PB Finals GOLD

( NER Qualifying Time)

50m Backstroke  33.07 Heats 8th, 32.69 Finals 5th

( NER Qualifying Time)

50m Butterfly 30.25 Heats 5th, 29.66 Finals 5th

( NER Qualifying Time)

50m Breaststroke 39.48 PB 22nd

Maisy Smith 15

100m Butterfly 1.15.54  23rd

50m Butterfly   31.96 PB 19th

50m Breaststroke 39.14 PB 29th

50m Freestyle  30.29 PB 30th

Georgina Calvert 15

50m Backstroke 35.41 33rd

50m Freestyle  30.42 PB 34th

Alex Beeson 15

50m Butterfly  32.93 PB 36th

50m Breaststroke 40.41 42nd

50m Backstroke  36.48 49th

Jack Naylor 15

50m Breaststroke 38.44 28th

Ben Wilkinson 16

200m IM 2.31.85  16th

400m Free 4.50.96 16th

200m Fly 2.37.76  13th

200m Free 2.11.85 PB  14th

200m Backstroke 2.27.52 Heats 5th , 2.25.84 Finals 6th.

( NER Qualifying time)

100m Butterfly 1.08.97 18th

400m IM 5.29.87 Heats  10th , 5.30.38 Finals 8th

100m Freestyle 1.00.25  21st

100m Backstroke 1.06.79 Heats 6th, 1.06.98 Finals 5th

( NER Qualifying time)

50m Freestyle  27.56 PB 24th

50m Backstroke 31.65 Heats 7th, 32.02 Finals 10th

( NER Qualifying Time)

50m Butterfly 31.20 34th

50m Breaststroke  39.27 35th

Owen Hobkinson 17 - Open age results

50m Freestyle   27.54  46th

50m Backstroke 33.99 46th

50m Butterfly  29.76 PB 44th

50m Breaststroke  33.29 PB 17th  (7th fastest 17yr old)

( NER Qualifying Time)

Amy Corcoran 18 - Open Age results

200m IM 2.27.56 2nd Heats , 2.26.64 Finals BRONZE

( NER Qualifying time)

400m Freestyle 4.36.78 6th Heats 4.37.51 Finals 7th

( NER Qualifying time)

100m Fly 1.05.82 Heats 5th , 1.06.06 Finals 6th

( NER Qualifying time)

100m Breaststroke 1.19.99 Heats 6th, 1.19.53 Finals 9th

( NER Qualifying time)

200m Freestyle 2.10.10 Heats 6th, 2.09.84 Finals 7th

( NER Qualifying time)

200m Breaststroke 2.49.67 Heats 3rd, 2.49.03 Finals 4th

( NER Qualifying time)

200m Butterfly 2.23.47 Heats 6th, 2.24.90 Finals 6th

( NER Qualifying time and British National Qualifying Time )

100m Freestyle 1.00.59 Heats 6th, 1.00.30 PB Finals 5th

( NER Qualifying time)

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