• Scarborough Swimming Club

Senior Winter Yorkshires October 2018

Eleven qualifying sprint swimmers travelled to Ponds Forge International pool in Sheffield, for the Senior Winter Yorkshires. Just eight weeks into their new season of training, they took on the best swimmers in the county. Two days of racing saw the Scarborough swimmers earn over twenty new personal best times between them.

15yr old Owen Hobkinson lead the way with a PB's in all his events and earning three North Eastern Qualifying Times. Team mate 15yr Samuel Moment also claimed PB's and a North East time for his 100m Breaststroke, while 14yr Whitby pathway swimmer , Benjamin Wilkinson, claimed seven new PB's and a North East time for his 100m Backstroke.

13yr Jack Naylor stormed his two Breaststroke events , with team mates 13yr Chloe Holloway and 13yr Georgina Calvert on target in their races. 14yr Lauren Brown earned new PBs for both her Butterfly Sprints , along with new Butterfly PBs for 15yr Caitlin Wilson and 16yr Katy Snell. 15yr Atlanta Dowkes and 16yr Cameron Swiers were also on target in their respective Freestyle and Breaststroke events.

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