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Return to Swimming update 1/8/2020

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

We have finally got the official go ahead from EA and SBC to start as planned on Monday 3rd August.  

Although we are grateful to be in the position to offer sessions again, please be aware things may change quickly and the facility may need to close again at very short notice!

The first phase of swimmers have been allocated their individual sessions via email. There will be regular reviews on our risk assessments and procedures that are in place with EA during August , in preparation for the next set of invitations to our Cat 2 swimmers.

Please take time to read the letter below prepared by Dr Nicola Taylor and Sam Greetham , who are the Clubs Swim England Covid 19 Leads, so you are prepared for the changes and expectations in the new sessions.

Dear Swimmers , Parents and Guardians of Scarborough Swimming Club,

We look forward to welcoming you back to the pool in the near future. In order to ensure that we do our best to keep the risks associated with Covid 19 to an absolute minimum for swimmers, coaches, parents, families and staff alike, a Swim England risk assessment has been completed which considers all of the main areas which could be associated with risk of viral spread, and appropriate measures have been taken to minimize the risks.

The result is that things will be very different on your, or your child’s, return to the club and we would like to explain the changes to you so that you are prepared in advance.

To be clear, no swimmer will be penalised if they choose not to return to swim with the club when they are invited in light of the current climate. However, if you or your child do decide to return, there are expectations of the swimmers and their families as follows:

1. Health screening checklist must be completed by all swimmers prior to resuming training / swimming lessons.

2. Swimmers must not attend for sessions if they, or anyone in their household, has Covid symptoms or a positive Covid screen. Swimmers who do not comply will not be able to swim.

3. For the purposes of Track and Trace, swimmers must provide a phone number before they swim.

4. For the first session swimmers must arrive in the car park 20 minutes prior to the session. They should also aim to arrive in plenty of time prior to each session.

5. Arriving: Ensure social distancing outside pool area (to enter through the main door) and on arrival to poolside. There will be a brief instructional talk before entering the building on the first swim. Social distancing must be maintained outside the building at all times.

6. Hand sanitiser should be used on entering / exiting the building

7. Swimmers to maintain social distancing as ascend and descend stairs and exit building. Swimmers to ascend / descend stairs walking on the LHS.

8. Swimmers are to arrive dressed in their swimming attire with a onesie or the equivalent on top.

9. Coaches to tell swimmers which kit to bring to each session at prior session. Minimum kit to be bought in named plastic bag with CLEAN towel and water bottle (usual kit bags / swim bags to remain at home).

10. Personal equipment to be wiped down by swimmers with anti-viral wipes before and after sessions

11. One clearly labelled and distinctive drinks bottle per swimmer to be left by end of pool. One swimmer only to drink at a time per lane.

12. Commercial or club equipment is not to be used by swimmers

13. There is to be no sharing of swimming kit except for by members of the same family

14. Each swimmer to be let into the poolside one at a time. Covid leads / liaison team to show swimmer to own marked area on a chair / bench at least 2m apart where swimmers can remove outer clothes and put them into a clearly identifiable and named bag. Swimmers to maintain social distancing throughout session.

15. Entry to the pool will be from shallow end only

16. Swimmers are not to shower in the building

17. After swimming, swimmers must dry themselves down on the poolside, and redress in their onesie / clothing before leaving the pool via the main exit.

18. Swimming kit left in the building to be destroyed / binned

19. No land training or pre / post swimming exercise on poolside

20. One swimmer at a time to be allowed to toilet area. Swimmers are encouraged to only use the toilet if necessary.

21. There will be no access to parents to the facility, and the spectator area will remain closed during the sessions. Parents should wait in the car for the session to end.

22. Swimmers who have had Covid should ideally not to rejoin training until they have discussed the same with GP due to potential for viral load and post Covid syndrome

In addition to the above, the following will also be in place during August:

1. Social distancing marks on pavement to ensure 2m distance between swimmers arriving.

2. Total number of swimmers in each session is 16 which divides into 4 double lanes, each with 3-5 swimmers in each dependent on ability.

3. Lanes will swim clockwise unless instructed otherwise by their Coach. 

4. The cleaning of wet side changing rooms will take place continually. This will include cleaning of ‘hot spots’ such as door handles / toilets. In addition to this, the changing rooms will be fogged at the end of the day.

5. First aid to be delivered by staff in masks / visors / gloves and disposable aprons

6. Ventilation system 100 percent fresh air in and out. No recycled air in ventilation system.

7. Signs reminding swimmers to wash hands after toilet use

8. Covid lead to be aware of local R-rate and club to review risk assessment in the event of significant rise  

9. Verbal instructions to be given to swimmers at the poolside with social distancing maintained. Coaches to wear masks when communicating closely with swimmers / each other

10. Only 2 coaches per session on the poolside.

11. Only 2 Covid Leads or named liaisons in the pool area per session. 

12. Double width lanes for swimming. This is to ensure distancing can be maintained and protocol followed.

13. At least one coach to remain on the poolside until all swimmers have left.

With very best wishes, and looking forward to seeing you at the pool again,

Dr Niki Taylor

Covid Lead

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