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October 2019 Halloween meet in Beverley

A strong team of 24 Scarborough swimmers headed to Beverley for the Halloween graded A/ B & C development meet .

Some fabulous swims, new pb’s, and most of all a team supporting each other. Every childs behaviour poolside was outstanding- parents you should be proud! 

Stand out performances came from Sam Race and Saphire Tingle who both won top boy and girl trophy for age 10yrs , you guys were on fire!

Huge thanks go to our competition secretaries Nick and Gaye Pollard Wilkin for the unseen hours spent entering, checking and double checking the forms, our banking team, Lynda Calvert, for making sure money is where it’s meant to be! Our coaches for the time they give up to ensure we deliver results like today! Huge thanks to poolside team Michael Draper, Hamish Hobkinson, Samantha Atkin , Caitlin and Leona for ensuring everyone is where they are meant to be and when!

Full results can be found on Open Meets :



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