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November 2019 Top Triathletes selected onto England Talent Squad

Congratulations to Sam Greetham and Scarborough Swimming Club on helping another two of their young triathletes reach the top echelons of their sport. Martha Calton Seal and Finnian Hutchinson have just been selected onto the England Talent Squad for the second year running after competing in Internationals in Jersey and Malta over the summer. The talent squad is a group of 20 youngsters aged 15- 20. 

Not only that Scarborough Swimming Club has always over the last 8 years had at least two members - in one year 6 - selected for the Yorkshire Academy. Harry Butterworth joins them in this. 

To get to the top doesn’t involve two nights a week - it involves morning commitment- from both the triathletes and their coaches. Sam and Huwel have been fully supportive and full of belief in their potential since they first joined the club as youngsters. Sam as I’m sure you all know will often fly in late at night from his Olympic duties at the other side of the world to be on the pool side at 5am. He is unrelenting in his commitment. 

Yesterday in a meeting with British Triathlon - Finnian was told how lucky we were to have a coach committed to progressing their triathletes- 

Whether it’s triathlon or swimming- training, support and dedicated coaching is crucial to shaving of those tenths of seconds and I think all those that have reached the highest levels of their sport - past and present-training like Martha and Finnian up to 30 hours a week would like to say thank you to the support and the high level coaching they have received -  Karen Hutchinson 

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